About Us

We at Maui Wedding Cinema deliver a cinematic approach to your film. Your feature will have that true film look you’ve come to expect from a hollywood movie rather than the home video look you would get from other companies. We don’t simply capture the events of your day. We artistically craft them to tell an engaging and emotional story that you will want to watch again and again.

All of our wedding cinema packages are shot exclusively by Gordon Nash and Hideharu Yoshikawa, our premiere wedding cinematographers. Gordon comes from a background of over three decades of TV commercial production and photography.

What is “Wedding Cinema”?

Wedding Cinema is different from wedding videography. Wedding Cinema is shot with DSLR Cameras and lenses which produce profoundly different results. These are the same cameras professional photographers use to take photographs. With the right person behind the lens, footage looks and feels like a real Hollywood movie. Thanks to the most recent DSLR cameras incorporating HD video capabilities to their features, the videography industry has been thrust into a new realm of possibilities that before were only available to Hollywood filmmakers. Colors are vivid, movement is smooth and natural, and backgrounds can be blurred with shallow depth of field, unlike with traditional video cameras. Shots are composed artistically using multiple cameras with a variety of angles and movement rather than traditional videography which uses a single camera on a tripod or shoulder mount. The footage is then edited by a highly skilled editor using advanced techniques and software. Finally, there is the opportunity to make a truly memorable film of your special day that will amaze your friends and family, and will be engaging enough to watch over and over again.